Saturday, December 13, 2003


So in the end, the Cotton Kings get a point against the Scorps and and the front page of the paper. Funny thing, Tomlinson saying "there were two willing combatants in every fight." The Jacks may have been willing. Were the guys in blue and gold?

To say that this is part of hockey misses the point. Fights are great. There should be three or four per game. Maybe a line brawl once a month. This was something else.

The instigator rule? It sucks, in the course of normal play. But stuff like this means it will never go away.

Offering your tough guy cash to drop the gloves? Illegal, but a charming bit of old-school hockey motivation. Paying the whole team to go, or fining those who won't? Not cool.

Nothing wrong with "It's supposed to hurt" as an ad slogan though.

And right about now David Holt should be calling up Mark Adams and suggesting they trade coaches.

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