Sunday, December 28, 2003

My Southern all-star ballot:

Brent Cullaton, Jeff Bes
Some voters won't take two off the same line. There's also the temptation to think, "ah, they'll both get to go with Rosco even if they don't get picked to start." But they deserve to start. I've seen them kill the Bats, and as with Pankewicz and Tobler, the numbers are too good -- first and third in the league as of tonight.

Derek Hahn
Most goals in the conference on the second-best team in the conference. And have you seen that shooting percentage? With Pankewicz's SOGs (or ice time) he'd have 30 goals already.

Mark DeSantis
Scoring like he always does, with a much better +/- than last season. Wears the "C" for a division leader, and while it hardly matters in the context of an ASG, gets credit for the Peet thing too.

Derek Booth
The Saints are doing it with defense (especially compared to last year). Since I can't take Chris Minard or Scott Reid off the third-best Southern team, I'll take their top defenseman.

Scott Hillman (28 points, minus-9, on a sub-.500 team) will be there but shouldn't start. Ditto Mike Tilson (21 points, plus-5, on a sub-.500 team). And I guess in this case I am going with the "Rosco will take Dube or David anyway" approach, but hey, you can't vote for everybody, plus I didn't want all six guys off the same two teams, since my goalie is...

Shawn DeGagne
If Guerrera had played more games this would be a tough one, but you just can't say that he's the most important player on the Bucks. DeGagne is for Amarillo (ditto hard-luck omissions Reid and Levy for their clubs).

Other Southern players I expect to see in ABQ: Hillman, Tilson, Dube, Minard, Dave MacIntyre, Gerald Tallaire (though just because he isn't on the ballot doesn't mean Brent Hughes couldn't make the squad), Patrik Nilson and/or Chris Grenville and Matic Kralj.

The North? Sooooooooo much harder to choose, unless of course you just vote for Pankewicz and Tobler, and assume that Parsons, Sauter and John's names are pre-printed on the ballots.

Ken Carroll's gotta be the goalie, but can Scott Muscutt take anyone else from his own squad besides Spurr? Throw in Mathieu, Kolesar, Dumba, Bermingham, Oliveira and one Blazer and you're done -- leaving a lot of good players on the shelf -- and we haven't even picked a Brahma (Woollard? Upton?). Maybe Muscutt can take Minard on D, along with Landmesser and Doyon, though neither are slam-dunks. Then you could choose between someone from the Eagles (Williamson or Swanson), someone from the host (Adams or Kupaks), or even Adam Davis if you don't take a Brahmas forward.

I'm thinking Nathan Grobins over Branch (wonder if tonight's game swung any votes?).

And Muscutt and the Bossier fans should be pleased as punch to not send that many guys. All-Star Games are about individual success, and that is not "the Mudbugs Way."
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