Thursday, December 11, 2003

Look for a Brent Hughes update from Greg Rajan in the Caller-Times this morning.

ECHL news that affects the CHL: Jamie Hodson goes to Greensboro, so no change to the Memphis goalie situation. Tyler Deis is player of the week, so on the whole, he'd rather not be in Wichita. And Kris Waltze lands safely in Toledo.

Maybe Memphis should have tried this with Kahlil Thomas.

Look at that: In the Crease is back (sort of -- the columns are not completely up to date). Meanwhile, the new Just Hockey has a piece by Bill Inglis that's a little hard to swallow now:

Over the course of the offseason and the early part of the regular season, the Brahmas have taken steps to get this club back to its expected winning ways... We've got a great organization behind us... a solid commitment from our ownership and the city... Don't be surprised if you see the Brahmas in the CHL playoffs this spring.
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