Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I guess I was too coy earlier... the Fort Worth coaching rumor is, AL SIMS.

If true, I'm sure the Brahmas will play up his experience, maybe even suggest that the chance to get someone of Sims' caliber made it easier for them to make this unfortunate decision.

But let's not sugarcoat it: Sims has been fired from his last two jobs, hasn't topped .500 since 1998 and was desperate enough to work for Taylor Hall and Billy D. in the first place.

I'm not about to compare Mike Barack and Stuart Fraser to those guys in a million years, but at the moment, they don't seem to be topping any lists of dream bosses a coach (or player) would want to work for.

As for Inglis, this is not his fault, but I'm not sure he should have been there in the first place. The guy hadn't coached since 1987! And what he did for the K-Wings since then was in the IHL for all but a few seasons, and with the Stars' assistance for a stretch. The recruiting, and the coaching, can be different at this level.

You can't blame Inglis for falling back in love with hockey, but you can hold Barack accountable for putting him in this position. The Brahmas should have had a nice press conference last April, thanked the grandfatherly bench boss for guiding the team through a troubled time, made him a hockey operations consultant and then gone out and grabbed a guy with more extensive first-hand knowledge of the CHL and "AA" hockey. Instead, they're 2-15-3 and fishing in the shallow mid-season pool of "best available coaches."

But hey, at least we know they aren't going after the same guy as the Rayz. Though all kidding aside, I'm pretty sure the Brahmas already took a shot at Hughes and didn't get him.

Moving on ... ok, so Pat Dunn apologized and the Amarillo parent has clarified and Mike Tilson has been fined for shooting a banana. End of controversy. Speaking for myself, I'm sorry I misinterpreted "skating off the ice" to mean the players had yet to actually exit the rink surface.

Shorthanded though Memphis may be, rusty though Minard may be, that's a big win for New Mexico.

Must-reading over at the Mudbugs Swamp (thanks to Teddy Turman for the heads-up): one fan's dressing-room and bench-eye view of game night.

Brett Hull. Derian Hatcher. And now -- is there no limit to the Red Wings' evil plunder of the Stars? -- Blake Sloan!
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