Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Help me out here -- are we supposed to praise Al Sims for landing Upton and Bastien, or are we supposed to wonder why the heck the 'Rillas would part ways with their second leading scorer (besides Roed being a decent little center). Maybe Ferras already knows what he's doing with that extra visa?

Ok, you can't fault Bruce Garber for his family concerns (he's not exactly Ken Griffey Jr.), and I definitely respect the reality of, "I don't want to be riding buses five years from now." Not everybody wants to be Doug Sauter or Bill MacDonald (and not everybody gets to be Doug Shedden).

Thing is, I don't know if those guys make more money than the vice president of a memorabilia company, but you can be sure they make more money than the head coach of the Tulsa Oilers. That's kind of what I meant by my original comment. It's just a weird situation, as if Garber took the Tulsa job for lack of anything better to do, and the Oilers were willing to hire someone who didn't even want to bring his wife and kids to town.

As far as a new coach, if you want an ex-Oiler with baggage, Tony M. is a better choice than Craig Coxe. And Chris Dashney makes a lot of sense.

But speaking of baggage, I nominate Trent Eigner. What's past is past (all charges were dropped). The guy knows how to win, can do it on a budget and deserves a second chance.

Brent Hughes? It's still not clear if the deposed Ice Bats coach is willing to come back, but if he does it will be to work for Doug Frank.

And by the way, if Mark Scott and/or Oilers management think that playing for the London Racers will forestall his vet status, they are in for a surprise -- the British league games count.

Everybody loves Phil Gilmour.

So where's this Odessa three-team trade? Any chance it involves Corpus and New Mexico, since those teams aren't allowed to do deals with each other?

It's so long Kris Waltze, hello Dody Wood in Memphis.
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