Friday, December 05, 2003

Before I forget, it's Zamboni Rodeo night at the Bat Cave. I'll be over on the concourse signing books (just hardcovers; hope to have my own stock of the paperback soon) before the game and between the first and second period. Whether I'm there between the second and the third depends on how the game is going, since I'll also be covering it for the paper.

Here's today's article about Carper and Conschafter. And here's some more quotes:

Greenlaw on Carper: He's not a flashy player. You look at his stats and you might think he is, but he just makes a smart first pass and jumps in the holes when it's not a high risk play.

Carper on himself: I take a lot of pride, first of all, in my plus minus, and I think too that a winning team starts with goaltending and defense, so I try to play good defense and if my points come they come.

Greenlaw on Waltze (i.e. Greenlaw responding to the Underground): It's kind of upsetting that I've got to move a guy like Kris, but that's the game sometimes. A lot of it is because the guys that are supposed to score goals, our big guns, both defense and forwards, aren't playing well. I did sacrifice talent to bring in a [character] vet because I thought the guys that I did have would score. He was doing his job, he was sticking up for his players, he was good in the dressing room and in the community. Sometimes you have to move the guys that care more about the team than anybody.

Hey, Brad Wingfield: if you're gonna bitch about your suspension, how 'bout telling us exactly what you said to Fred L'Ecuyer? Then we can judge for ourselves.

Anyway, with multiple violations of Rule 41, it appears this punishment is like missing a payment on your credit card -- do it once and the bank may let you slide. Do it twice and they hit you with the retroactive finance charge.

And hey, so long as the Rayz fans are dredging up the Legault-Colborne incident, I'm sure they'll love what the Bats bad boy had to say about it before the current season started:

Retaliating was something I felt I had to do, or there would have been a lot of respect lost for me around the league. If he would have been penalized for what he did to me (a slash that broke Legault's foot) I'm sure nothing would have happened.
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