Tuesday, November 11, 2003


When I think "continuity," I think San Antonio Rampage hockey.

Four words that should keep anyone from calling the WHA2 a Double A league -- Ryan Rivard hat trick.

Also, isn't it super-cool that the WHA2 has retired the numbers of Gordie Howe and Ryan Anderson? You mean that's not the reason?

Had to make sure it wasn't April 1 when I saw the Marian Gaborik in Tulsa story.

The fun thing about affiliations is when the status of someone like Jocelyn Thibault has a direct effect.

Meanwhile, Memphis appears to be adding David Turon. The rich get richer -- plus they've got trading chips between the pipes.

There are several owners of Central Hockey League teams shuddering while reading the newspaper this morning, said the "Daily Coloradoan" of the Eagles 8-2 win over New Mexico. Why not just lead with "Dear Doug Frank."

Seriously, one thing I'm sorry I missed out on was the Scorps' owner going public with his critique of Colorado's affiliation. I'm told that when the two teams met at Stingley, "Money (That's What I Want)" played over the PA.

A few links of note: ECHL Insider, the allHeart directory and the CHL's potential Galveston team, where there's a laundry list of expansion possibilities (some more wild than others) and rumors of a merger with the UHL lives on.

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