Sunday, November 30, 2003


Strong words from Bruce Garber: We have a very soft team. We have some big guys who don't want to play the body. They make it easy for teams to play against us.

The Tulsa coach goes on to say that he was trying to get tossed from Friday's game, but Cruickshank wouldn't bite -- does that count as complaining about the officiating?

Phil Gilmour makes another friend. And Stormy's worried about Brent Hughes' temper?

And yeah, allegedly cursing out an 11 year-old girl is inexcusable. But that is the sort of language, activity and emotion you'd expect from a losing team in a gong-show game when the ref calls an obstruction penalty with three seconds remaining. Ice level is not always kid-friendly. An apology may be in order, but I'd also suggest that someone that young needn't be involved in game ops -- at least not if her family is bothered by vulgarity (which still doesn't excuse the personal hostility, of course).

And I definitely don't see any reason for the "Banana Crew" to be out there if the players haven't left the ice. We've all seen linesmen direct post-game (or end-of-period) traffic for this very reason -- emotions run high, and ugly things can happen.

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