Saturday, November 22, 2003


For those who wonder what the heck I'm doing when the blog goes stale, here's one answer, an article about my second-favorite El Paso sports team (after the one that no longer exists). Registration for required.

Speaking of stale, how priceless was Scott Muscutt's quote about David Haun: this kid has not had a whole lot of success in Austin -- I have a computer. Yup, another satisified CHL-Underground user.

Those of you without NHL Center Ice -- ESPN Classic will show both the outdoor hockey games next week. It's really the league's fault for not scheduling the thing on Sunday.

Good stat from last weekend: Indy had more PP goals in one game than Austin had all season (at that point). Lots at stake for the Bats against Fort Worth -- not only do they need the points, but they can get their goals-for and PP out of the league cellar. Forest led them to a big win last night -- undefeated at Centurytel so far, go figure -- but they still need to work on that whole "protecting a lead" concept.

And hey, Jeff Greenlaw -- life could be worse. You could be Derek Laxdal.

When I say the Colorado Eagles are disingenuous this is the kind of thing I mean.

Congratulations to Doug Johnson, who is skating once again.

CHL team beer mugs -- get the whole set!

What's more important than our coach's emotional well being? Yup, Doug Frank really was joking when he made that post on October 26. Some people have wondered how Frank could fire one coach when the other has a much worse record, but remember, Sims was hired by Taylor Hall. And Bill McDonald's history of getting teams to peak at the right time speaks for itself.

Blake Sloan lives!

I picked the Gorillas to make the finals, so all I can say about their nine game winning streak is, about time!

Great article from the RiverKings on reporting hockey injuries.

And finally, if you missed it, the word is out on Little Rock. We can only hope they'll be the Glacier Cats.

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