Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Well, obviously the big news around here is the addition of game reports and features to your favorite CHL web site. Here's Mitch Cooper's first contribution from Austin.

Cheesy but brilliant: RiverKings Championship rings for fans. On a related note, I hear Glass Rattler poster Legault Jr. has commissioned his own specially designed Governor's Cup ring.

Got a question about the CHL? Don't just e-mail me, ask the expert: in this case Caller-Times writer Greg Rajan. Here's my question: "who was the best beat writer in the WPHL?"

The best beat writer in the CHL on Sunday was Barry Lewis, first out of the box with a preview in the Tulsa World, and a lot more willing to handicap the dregs than I am at the moment. Though I will say this: some teams look good on paper -- Bill McDonald's teams look good on the ice.

Anyway, if you don't like where Lewis picked your local squad, take solace in the fact that he had New Mexico over Tulsa for the President's Cup last season. I'm allowed to bring that up 'cause I'm the idiot who had San Angelo in the playoffs and Laredo in last place.

I'm thinking Robbie Nichols is not on Kirk Tomlinson's Christmas card list... In other Lubbock news, nice piece on C-Kings voice Matt "Red" Marshall, courtesy the SMU paper (and brought to my attention by The Farm Report, natch). Hmmmh, now that I think about it, where's that Daily Northwestern review of Zamboni Rodeo?

And finally, you'd think that realtor I pointed out the other day might have set up shop in this Newfoundland town.

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