Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Well, congratulations to Luch Nasato on his retirement.

No really, where is the guy? The UHL? The WHA-2? Tupelo?

Not Hidalgo -- Tracey Egeland told me last week that they never had a second conversation.

Who knows, maybe the Bees traded him to Memphis in the meantime (the blog pauses for a shout-out to John Hiatt). One way or another Stormy's gonna need an address, right?

Speaking of contests, one last congrats to San Angelo fan Hockeycrazy, who won the Hockey Blog President's Cup Finals Prediction contest.

And speaking of Egeland, good little profile here.

Look, another former NHLer wandering around Loveland! In this case, one who got there from the "Wiffle." Add Ryan Tobler to the Eagles roster -- what, no two-way? -- in addition to the long-promised Igor Bondarev.

Meanwhile, Eric Schneider to Vegas. You can read the rest of the ECHL transactions on your own.

New players for Laredo: rookie Patrik Nilson and -- Scott Allen strikes again -- former ECHLer Jason Spence. Hmmmh, do they get J-F David and Mike Vellinga too?

We can certainly expect a different Bucks team: "my philosophy is defense first", says Terry Ruskowski, who sure fooled me with that Glen Sather impersonation last year. IMO, that club was deliberately designed that way -- winning over fans with goals and fights came first, winning games came second. As it turned out, the Bucks were underrated defensively and finished with more points than every team but Austin. This year they'll do it in a different way.

Sprott, Bergin, Oliver, Buchanan... which one would you cut from your team?
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