Thursday, October 16, 2003


Utterly meaningless statistic: Eric Schneider is the Utah Grizzlies' scoring leader.

I'm busy with a Statesman preview, but since the puck drops tonight I'd better get on record with my picks.

I basically agree with the official CHL-Underground version, except I'm putting my chips down on New Mexico instead of Wichita, and Bossier instead of the defending champs. The Thunder have more talent than the Scorps, but ('01-'02 aside) it isn't the post-season without Macker. And the Mudbugs, they're just gonna be too hungry.

Truth is, I'm surprised people are picking Memphis for the three-peat. Not that they'll be bad. But the Kings have lost a fair amount of players, and St. John's does not appear to be replenishing the roster (except between the pipes of course). Plus there's no telling what a new coach with a new style means, or how the MVP will take to it. It's easy to forget that last year's club-- with Richards, Stastny, Cote and Nasato, not to mention that Doug Shedden fellow -- only made the playoffs by two games. The line is fine

And oh yeah, Amarillo will lose to Indy again -- this time in the President's Cup final.

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