Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Sonya Ewan checks in with her first "Inside Edge" column. We are glad to have her, and you'll be glad to read her.

Mudbugs correspondent Teddy Turman also makes his debut.

And here's my story in today's Austin paper about Doug Johnson.

The official league preview is up.

Turns out Russell Hogue's in Austria.

And as we know, Justin Ossachuk now plays for Flint. Brendan Savage writes him up.

Good to see Jim Kelly -- the Buffalo writer who was once punched by Dominik Hasek and used to be at -- doing stuff for ESPN, starting with this piece on Mike Modano.

Another find by the Farm Report: a lengthy Washington Post feature on Bill McDonald protege Mel Angelstad.

And finally, did you know the Southwest is going to be the league's most competitive division?
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