Friday, October 17, 2003

A shootout and a Ben Gorewich hat trick, not a bad way to start the year. I expect any disappointment the Rayz felt about giving up the 3-2 lead was eclipsed by Starling's goal. And McGrane looks like one to watch. All in all, a three-point night for W.D. Sports.

Previews, previews, we've got previews. Will player-turned-coach Greenlaw be a success like Scott Muscutt or a flop like Dale Henry?. That's from Greg Rajan in Corpus Christi. Sadly, his predictions (with an assist from Rick Dames and myself) didn't make the web, but you can still read this, and this, both about the Rayz. likes Austin, Laredo, Odessa and Amarillo just like everybody else, but Jon Larson's write-up predicts just a single Northwest playoff entry (Colorado), along with Bossier, Memphis and the Ice.

And speaking of Indy, CHL-Underground contributor Mike Wallin handicaps the Northern Conference for OSC. He says just one team from the east, along with the Eagles, Blazers and the Thunder.

Switching to The Show...

Hook 'em Stars. Hate the red, too. Meanwhile, the sell-out streak is over.

Best Rangers game of the season so far. Not so the Flyers. But wouldn't this be the logical conclusion to the NHL's 10-year scoring trend?

And hey, if you thought Mike Minard had it tough, get a load of Archie Irbe. It's a long, lonely downhill road from Ron Francis to Dominic Forget.
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