Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Needless to say, I won't be blogging from a game again. There's just no way to do three things -- the blog, a game story, actual enjoyment of the hockey -- at once. Sorry to take up all that space.

The natives are restless down in Corpus, and the owner has a sense of humor. You'll have to register to see the post, but it reads in part:

In an unprecedented move, a number of fans of teams in the Central Hockey League have called for an early end to the 2003-2004 season. "Laredo is undefeated, and I think that we played a hopelessly bad game against them, so it's time to call it quits", said one fan with an undistinguishable screen name. "If 4 or 5 games doesn't tell you enough about the team, then you're not much of a hockey analyst", said another South Texan message board wiz.... The games, in spite of the hopelessness felt by several unnamed parties in Corpus, must go on. [W.D.] Frank was real careful about putting pressure on his team. "These guys are real sensitive, and I don't really care whether we play well anyway. What's more important than our coach's emotional well being? I just like the cool music and the zamboni drivers anyway."

With Tim Harvey retired I have to point out this excellent piece on the instigator rule.

Also of note, Al Strachan and Bruce Garrioch slinging Guerin (and/or Matvichuk) to Toronto rumors, which Larry Brooks dismisses.

Think Brent Scott still has 20 in him? Imagine the fun he'll have -- one night he could check Paul Vincent, another shoot the puck at Rooney, another mess around with Cheeseman and another drop the gloves with Ryan Anderson.

For the record, Derek LaxDAL was never an assistant coach in Lubbock.

An Ice Bats fan of my acquaintance wants Kris Waltze to line up with Seguin and Tally, making them the "SWaT Team." Another retorts that said acronym would stand for Seguin Waste of a vet spot And Tallaire.

I don't happen to share that opinion, but I still laughed. Personally I'm waiting for Josh St. Louis to join them as the ST2 line.

Neither Bats nor Jacks fans will admit that they saw this one coming: Dan McIntyre may become the co-No. 1 between the pipes for Flint.

Some sentences that have never been written before:

1. [Dan] Price is just as good a playmaker as he is a goal scorer... the Komets also hope Price is a defensive upgrade.

2. Rick Nichol.... will be the backbone of the team's defense

3. Dan Kletke started the scoring.

All right folks, I'm off on a weeklong trip, with dial-up costing me a dime a minute, so you can guess what that means. If I can check in now and then from an Internet cafe I will; if not, see you on November 5th or 6th.

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