Thursday, October 09, 2003


Hmmh, I sure hope Tom Wheatley is a predicting genius -- though I'd have to root against the Stars.

Okay, okay... I enjoy goofin' on Nasato as much as the next guy, but for those of you who really think the guy is worthless, your approach should be A) not talking about him or B) expressing joy he's gone.

Let's not forget, his baggage includes three championship rings -- and of course the team that signed him knows what he's about. Bottom line, when he isn't acting like an idiot, the guy can play, and when he is acting like an idiot it's good for business -- otherwise we wouldn't yap about him.

And speaking of the bottom line, he's not running away from anybody, but rather, towards a bigger paycheck. Which may keep him from adding a fourth ring, but who can really say right now -- and it's not like he was guaranteed to get one with the Bees (or the RiverKings for that matter).

More on the Flyers game coached by writers, as well as Hitch's perspective.

Brad Wingfield remains in Houston -- if I caused any confusion the other day that's because the "Corpus Five" were actually six with Levesque (making Starling #7).

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if the Winger/Legs rivalry lives up to the hype, since the two are former teammates and good friends. Legault's comment:

We decided we're just gonna see what happens as the season goes on. It's part of the game, and it's our jobs to do what we have to do, I know there's times, when you have friends in the league, their coach is gonna send them after me and vice versa. We're grown men, and we know that. We're also two guys who have tempers that flare up in the heat of the moment -- and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Of course, if they do steer clear, that just means lots of Wingfield/Waltze and Richardson/Legault.

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