Friday, October 10, 2003


Greg Rajan points out this quote from Killer Bee Darcy Smith, who was also recruited by the Rayz:

I found out that they like penalty minutes and majors and stuff like that, and that’s not my cup of tea.”

Of course, before he started drinking tea, the 6'4, 232 lb. defenseman had 207 PiMs his first pro season, and 175 (in just 42 games) his second.

Oh right, actual hockey games... how 'bout that Jeff Hackett? No, seriously, here's Rajan's story from Thursday's Bucks-Scorps game, and fan reports on the Blazers-Thunder match-up. What, no shootout? Was Bud Selig there?

Seriously... that makes no sense to me. If you want to play it safe injury-wise and not bother with the extra five minutes, that's understandable, but I thought the whole point of an exhibition was to simulate real game conditions in a way that practice can't provide. You don't have to send Clayton or Manning out there, but surely other players (to say nothing of the goalies) could have used the work -- plus the fans get resolution.

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