Thursday, October 23, 2003


Everyone already knows this, but Dougie is indeed on board on Alabama. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Brent Scott is one of the names on that 28 man roster.

Apparently, Andrew Katzberg fared so poorly in his two bouts with Kris Waltze that his body was actually taken over by the Ice Bats forward. (Since corrected -- y'know, I've fixed things without a trace myself occasionally, but there's something to be said for the Slate approach.)

Speaking of errata, according to The Hockey News, Eric Schneider and Michel Periard are two of the nine best players in the CHL. I can understand including Periard, who was maybe gonna find his way back down, but Schneider's departure was pretty ancient news.

Anyway, Amarillo-based writer David Henry has Memphis, Austin, Indy, Oklahoma City, San Angelo, New Mexico, Colorado and Corpus Christi as his top eight teams, which would also put Odessa (#10, with Bossier in at ninth) in the playoffs at the Eagles' expense. 'Rillas fans accustomed to bashing John Kaltefleiter (who just wrote a sharp story on visors, btw) might want to save some bile for Henry, who picked the home team third-to-last (above the Killer Bees and Brahmas) despite pegging DeGagne as the second-best goalie in the CHL (after Bach and ahead of Carroll).

The Winston-Salem Mooseheads are now a team without a name. Multiple-choice follow-up:

1. Let me guess, their official colors are black, white and masking tape.
2. Good thing the SEHL isn't perceived as bush-league.
3. On the plus side, it's really hard to chant, "WHO OWN DA '-----?'"

I'm also torn on a new nickname for everybody's favorite agitator. Should we go with Dan Wildfang or Evander Wildfong? Yeah yeah, I know the second one is backwards, but it has such a nice ring to it.

On a more serious note of mutilation, check out what happened to former Mudbug Kevin St. Pierre. Glad he made it through ok.

Not everyone was moved by Jeff Greenlaw's post-game lovefest. There's no word on whether Greenlaw also turned to the cameras and said he's going to Disney World, writes Greg Rajan.

Who, by the way, says (in picks that weren't available online) Corpus over Amarillo and Memphis over New Mexico in the conference finals, with Memphis winning it again. Rayz broadcaster Rick Dames say the RiverKings as well, over Odessa, with Austin and Colorado losing in the conference finals.

Funny thing -- whether you call it the Miron Cup or the Miron President's Cup, I believe the actual piece of hardware is the former WPHL trophy, which means that no team has ever won it just one time. If Memphis does do it again, that would be two three-peats in a row. At least we know it hasn't been damaged much in transit.

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