Saturday, October 11, 2003

Dave Gilmore heads for Indy. Nice little futures pick-up there.

Even though one reader sent me an e-mail saying no one cares about Tupelo while babbling on about the unmanliness of "Rich" and "L'faint," I shall continue on. As the pro-T-Rex coverage continues, the CHL has offered up a statement:

Recent media reports and a press release issued by the Tupelo T-Rex have indicated that the Central Hockey League / Western Professional Hockey League are responsible for the demise of Tupelo’s intended South East Hockey League team.

To clarify, the Central Hockey League has not forced the Tupelo organization out of operations for the coming season. Rather, the SEHL apparently has chosen not to do business with organizations that fail to fulfill their obligations. WPHL Inc. has been more than patient in waiting for the T-Rex organization to meet significant obligations to us dating back nearly three years. What the team does not mention in their press release is their own failure to meet those obligations despite numerous attempts for many months on our part to settle the issue amicably. We even permitted them to participate as an amateur team despite their continuing obligations.

We have also attempted to create a dialogue with both the Tupelo organization and ACHL / SEHL management for approximately eight months in an attempt to have these issues rectified. While the ACHL/SEHL management have been responsive, the T-Rex representatives did not even bother to contact us until this week. Had their organization met their legal obligations to us, they certainly would have been in a position to play hockey this season. Their refusal to meet these obligations left us with no choice but to protect our interests and the rights of our franchises that are in good standing.

Any issues, therefore, with Tupelo not playing hockey in the SEHL this season, are far better directed to the Tupelo organization and their failure to comply with the legal necessities required for them to participate in the SEHL.

Steve Cherwonak
Vice President of Communications
Central Hockey League

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