Saturday, September 13, 2003


Ok, this has zilch to do with hockey, but I'm sure Horns-haters around the CHL (whether in Austin or OKC) will be entertained as much as I was by my sometimes-colleague Michael Corcoran's ill-conceived analysis of UT's early schedule.

If I could, I'd crawl up in a hole and sleep until Oct. 4, when the Longhorns football season begins in earnest with a contest against the mighty tough Kansas State Wildcats at D.K. Royal Memorial Stadium. Until then, the Horns are playing a bunch of teams like New Mexico State, Rice, Tulane..


Shawn DeGagne ought to send a thank you note to Marty Turco's agent. Best of luck to him, though I suspect the only way DeGagne isn't in Amarillo come October is if Turco stays unsigned (without being traded or replaced). He'll also need to outplay D-1 draft pick Dan Ellis.

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