Monday, September 29, 2003


Hey, rumor has it Mike Comrie could be dealt to Colorado... the Eagles, I mean.

But seriously folks... I don't know exactly how much Chris Stewart's newest acquisitions get from Wilkes-Barre, but I hear Paul Kariya and Greg Pankewicz were spotted at the Denver Ruth's Chris on Sunday... and Pankewicz picked up the check!

Okay, okay. Really now... I'll bite into this topic -- which is bound to stay on people's minds -- later in the week.

By the way, has anyone seen Blake Sloan? C'mon Tip, sign him for the Grizzlies! Or are you saving room for Claude Lemieux?

While we're on the subject, say hello to your Utah CHLers: Jonathan Gagnon, Darryl McArthur, Tyler Butler and Derek Hahn. The names Dave Gove and Eric Schneider also ring a bell. Notably absent: Blair Manning.

A reminder that beat writers don't compose headlines: it's not exactly an upset when Valeri Bure skates for the AHL team and Simon Lajeunesse is in net for the Panthers.

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