Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Will Grant Sjerven suit up for Odessa?

If he does, that could mean the end of Don Margettie's Jackalopes career.

Confused? Me too. It's true that hockeydb lists Sjerven as a non-vet, but those stats are not complete.

For that, we need the Eurohockey data, which is also quite confusing, as it mistakenly repeats two seasons.

But according to the CHL, all those B&H, Challenge and Express Cup games count. Sjerven went to Wichita last season with 259 games played, and thus has crossed the threshold.

So which is it? Will McKee opt for a familar, proven goalie over Margo or any other vet? Or was this just a nothing-for-nothing deal: the Thunder get a promising guy who McKee decided wasn't gonna be his #1, while the Jacks get a safety net (literally!) they may not really sign.

"It's important to stress that we have not yet signed Grant," McKee says. "We have gained his playing rights and we are negotiating with him. That, in itself, is a pretty exciting development for our hockey club and our fans."
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