Monday, August 11, 2003

This thread about Matic Kralj set a little bell off in my head.

First of all, here's the article in question that mentions Kralj might get a shot with Minnesota.

But what it reminded me of was a talk with Tracey Egeland in the spring, when the Killer Bees coach said he wouldn't tell me who his club hoped to affiliate with, but if I looked over his history it wasn't hard to figure out.

At the time, I didn't have the patience to click through his extensive stats, looking for a former coach or teammate who was now important at a higher level.

But the answer was more obvious than that, if you go back to the day Egeland took over the Cotton Kings, as well as the press release announcing his move to Rio Grande.

Which begs the question -- is RGV chasing down the same affiliation as the Rayz?

And, going back to Kralj, you gotta wonder, if Egeland worked with this kid all year and got him a try-out with the Wild, do his CHL rights get traded to the Bees if Houston picks him up?

Either way, it appears that Austin is completely separated from the Aeros -- a process that began with Houston's move to the AHL -- only Bobby Brown, Shawn Legault and short-timer Dominic Forget had actual two-way deals since then -- and concluded with the respective departures of Brent Hughes and David Barr.

So will the Bats' Dallas-connected owners make that logo on the web page meaningful? An even stranger thought -- might the team's Florida-connected owner also work the Rampage angle?

This concludes the latest episode of As the CHL Southeast Affiliations Turn.
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