Sunday, August 10, 2003


No sooner had I written the last entry than I discovered this Nekkid Amazon Hockey thread. Apparently, in the course of admitting that the Rayz had trouble shutting Laredo's top line down, Al Sims mentioned Schneider wasn't coming back.

So there's a little unconfirmed gossip. IIRC, Schneider wasn't under contract with the Panthers, so he can seek out the most attractive opportunity, whether that means a higher salary or greater likelihood of call-ups. He could also stay put with the Rampage -- his loyalty is to assistant coach Scott Allen -- on a two-way with the "E."

Meanwhile Michel Periard is still Panthers property -- I don't see where he's signed an actual contract, but he was tendered the standard offer for restricted free agents (Andy Lundbohm, on the other hand, is unrestricted).

Anyways, the Augusta vs. Laredo situation bears watching. But given that -- except for Grenville -- Ruskowski has signed nothing but defensemen, rookies and third-liners, he's clearly got a bunch of hole cards. Could be October before we get to see 'em all.

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