Thursday, July 10, 2003


Tony Martino's status is still up in the air.

At this point, he is merely a candidate for the Orlando job, though given his (understandable) eagerness to leave the Ice Bears, I suspect he'll wind up coaching in the WHA2 whether it's the Seals or not.

Bet he sent a resume to Robin Costa too.

Strange as that may sound, it wouldn't be an awful fit. He's been around this league forever. He's taken two clubs to the finals (New Mexico 2000, Knoxville 2003). He's a proven recruiter whose teams play tough, up-tempo hockey(sometimes to a fault). And like Sheds, he's colorful, caustic and once got into cap trouble.

Of course, he'd have a hard time telling Racine not to fight. "Just trying to be like you, Coach," the kid could say.

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