Monday, July 14, 2003

More info on Sam Fields.

Confirmation re: Dan Price (with quotes from Kelly Perrault -- never has a player been less happy to be an Ice Bat than that guy was when the Aeros lent him out for three games in '97).

Actually, I'd say it is pretty darn inconceivable that Don Parsons, Blaz Emersic or Chris Richards will end up in an Odessa sweater. I think we're talking a simple misunderstanding of what a CHL "free agent" is, rather than inside info on a blockbuster trade.

Similarly, dunlop's speculation on Dave Macintyre feels more like wishful thinking.

He is rumored to be re-signing with the Kings. That doesn't mean he can't be traded, but the only scenario in which the Bats could get a guy like that without giving up too much is if he pretty much insists on leaving Lubbock (a la Cosmo DuPaul).

Certainly, MacIntyre is the kind of forward Austin needs, someone who can help replace both Price's goals and Greenlaw's grit. He was also the player Hughes wanted most when the Stampede first went under (darn dispersal draft!).

Lubbock should be interesting to watch in any case -- once Kirk Tomlinson figures out who he does and doesn't want, he'll presumably place a few phone calls to Egeland and McDonald.

Or maybe he'll make the Midland paper look good by trading Emersic to Odessa (though wouldn't he want his former Colorado/Flint player in return?).
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