Thursday, July 31, 2003

Latest word around Austin and Memphis is that Brent Hughes isn't headed for the Kings.

It's possible he will not coach at all, which certainly won't change my feelings on the Bats' decision.

But that's no reflection on Jeff Greenlaw, a character guy who's earned this opportunity. He's still a brand new boss in charge of former teammates, but as rookie coaches go, I expect him to be more like Trent Eigner or Scott Muscutt than Dale Henry or Brent Scott.

In the end, my distaste was not for the decision, but the way that it was made. Call me a sentimental fool, but if this had to happen, I'd still like to believe it could have in a way that found the best coach in Ice Bats history and his longtime player/assistant embracing the transition jointly.

Barring that, Hughes could have been acknowledged in the press release.

But oh well... at least the Governor's Cup (and banner) will remind fans of his existence.

Anyway, moving on... if you think the Austin and San Antonio people are up in arms about the new Aeros logo, check out the bile from Houston.

And leave it to good old Billy D. to be the CHL's most reliable source of national headlines four months later. What's really tragic is that the county's failure to give him a concessions contract may have steered him off the straight and narrow. Oh, the humanity!
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