Wednesday, July 16, 2003


It was a day for news -- and if you want some on the Austin Ice Bats, try here.


The Cotton Kings re-signed Brusseau and Dewar.

Steve Harrison re-surfaced in the ECHL, where the Texas Wildcatters made a splash by signing Kevin Hodson. And Gord Dineen didn't get the Dayton job.

Also, the Portland Winterhawks have acquired Robin Big Snake. Which has nothing to do with nothing, but I'm sooooooo buying a jersey.

Mike Gorman was no doubt watching closely as Edmonton's man in Hamilton, Geoff Ward, made his expected move to the Toronto Roadrunners. Doesn't that stint in Arkansas look funny on Ward's resume?

Chain of coincidence -- in Hamilton, Ward replaced Claude Julien, who replaced Michel Therrien in Montreal. Now Therrien has landed with the (Wilkes-Barre Scranton) Pens.

A colorful day for the new kid on the block : Bobby Hull sure talks a good game re: the WHA.

And finally, the older, more established ACHL goes for novelty and innovation: two-line passes, extra four-on-four, a bigger goal crease and three-on-three OT (some of which they had before).

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