Friday, July 18, 2003


If you're wondering where my thoughts are on the brand new Ice Bats coach, you'll have to wait a while longer. I wasn't at the press conference, and my head's still spinning from the overflow of information. Plus I have obligations to the Statesman.

So onto other things.

Can anybody get me some of what Garry Unger's taking?

My favorite parts of the interview:

I thought we had the best defense in the league. We had the best goaltending in the league. Y'know, except for Austin, Indy and, when it really mattered, Memphis.

And, regarding Corpus Christi:

Last year, about half way through the season, a group came in and bought the team out and Taylor was deciding whether he wanted to stay or go do his own thing. Oh, is that what happened?

The other great quote of the day comes from the brand new Colorado Eagle.

My son asked me, 'Daddy, where are you playing hockey next year?' I told them, 'With Colorado.' And he said, 'But the Avs don't want you', former Hershey Bear Brent Thompson says.

Anyway, nice pick-up for the "Iggles" (as we say in Philly), and about darn time: he's been there for a month.

I'm sorry to say this, but I may have to stop the blog -- I'm not making any money off this thing, so I've decided to ask the CHL Underground for my fair share of concessions.

Nice to see Regan Harper suiting up again.

Congratulations to the NHL's new supervisor of officials, Leon Stickle. Geez, guess somebody forget to tell the NHL that every referee who works for him is poorly trained, improperly evaluated and generally useless.

No, really, I'm sure various CHL fans in various cities know more about what makes a good ref than Andy Von Hellemond does.

Sarcasm aside, I look forward to Ed Snider complaining about Leon in oh.... let's say the first week of May.

Nothing like having your own newspaper column to advertise employability. Amarillo still has a good shot at Paxton Schulte, although -- paging Jeff Greenlaw -- it sounds like he'd listen to any big time offer.

The Farm Report wonders if David Lohrei is a candidate in Memphis, but what I'm thinking is, Reading is a good job for Brent Hughes if nothing else pans out. Of course, so's Memphis. I'm also thinking Lohrei's predecessor should permit himself a little Schadenfreudey smile.

It's still a ways away, but here's the perfect thing for hockey fans to wear March 17th: the puck o' luck.

And finally, good news: Chris has just agreed to give me 100% of beer sales!

Oh yeah... expect the schedule next week -- maybe Wednesday, maybe Friday.

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