Thursday, July 03, 2003

Holy crap! Guess the Avalance don't need a goalie now that they have Selanne and Kariya.

And it's a sad day for the Stars-- their captain's going home

Heh... suddenly, Glen Sather sounds a lot like Bobby Clarke, and Larry Brooks sounds a lot like any Philly hockey writer.

Catching up on Shedden stuff: had the best (and only?) write-up of the formal press conference, while the St. John's Telegram just checked in with another feature. But where does the new coach stand on the Bay Bulls Road Tim Horton's issue?

Meanwhile, the Commercial Appeal caught up with coaching candidate Gord Dineen, while the RiverKings press release suggests they aren't exactly down to three or four finalists, and talk of a decision by the end of next week (i.e., today) is not an issue (not that it should be).

Hey, BB, was sending a Longhorns beat writer to the press conference good enough for ya?
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