Thursday, July 31, 2003


And now, a dip into the mailbag...

"Alex" writes:

Dude, do you talk about anything else than Hughes, Memphis and the bats? I know that's your team and all but get over it already. You are better writing about other teams. Thanks.

Ya think? I figure "my team" means I have more info and more informed opinions. And only one of them's "my team."

But I'm sure you're right. I should be talking about Rio Grande's signing of Jason Tessier (week-old news!). Or Oklahoma City's rookie senior leaguer. Or the Chris Richards-to-Odessa rumor.

Yup, each of these offseason stories is more important and compelling than the President Cup-winner's monthlong search for a successor to the best coach in CHL history, or the Governor's Cup-winner's muddled change behind the bench. Ho-hum.

And nope, I don't talk about anything else.

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