Monday, June 23, 2003


This evening's Memphis riddle: who besides Ron Handy has prior head coaching experience and strong ties to Doug Shedden, including both seasons in Wichita and the one year in Louisiana?

What's that? Did someone just say Jim Latos? Oh my... with all the Wichita and Memphis fans on Glass Rattler, this thread is gonna get real fun!

And hey, if Don Parsons is ready to stop playing, that's his call.

Be kind of funny though: "Don, the good news is, you got the job. Bad news is, your team just lost its 50-goal man."

Let's not forget, as unbelievably great as the RiverKings performed during the only time that matters, they almost didn't make it to that time -- with Shedden, with Parsons, with Nasato and Stastny, and without Bruce Garber, Bill McDonald and Chris Stewart (Cup-winners all) competing in the North. I don't care how many Leafs draftees or proven snipers might be out there, you can't just replace Don Parsons -- any more than you can Shedden.

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