Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Sorry, I'm at an airport hotel right now and on a plane tomorrow, so I have no idea if George DuPont will coach the Tulsa Oilers (makes sense, though if Todd Brost is really in the mix I think I'd pick the guy with two rings and a third finals appearance). Nor do I have a clue what the deal is with that crazy rumor about the Ice dropping down to juniors.

For the record, Brent Hughes continues to be the Austin Ice Bats coach and that is how the team's proceeding with all plans. But if Peter Laviolette scores the Bruins job and Providence boss Mike Sullivan goes back up as an assistant, at least there's still an AHL post to speculate about.

Lord knows it's a tough market: you've got to coach an NHL team just to get a gig in major juniors.

My travels also mean I won't catch up on draft stuff 'til tonight. It's impossible to handicap the thing not knowing what each player has in mind, but off the top of my head, here's ten I might take a shot at:

Luch Nasato
Neill Posillico
Dru Burgess
Josh Tymchak
Mike Dawson
Any of the four Laredo players (Myson, Stanfield, Petruic, Keski-Kungas)
Shawn Mamane
Adam Robbins
Steve DeBus or Luciano Caravaggio
And yeah, certainly: Joe Burton

Certain players make more sense on certain teams -- obviously Killer Bees coach Tracy Egeland has a comfort zone with Dawson and Robbins (and he could always trade "Addy" back to Macker), while I could see, say, Jeff Petruic in Colorado. Of course, Chris Stewart has had a full year to recruit so there's no telling what the Eagles' needs are.
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