Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Sorry -- I wasn't being coy on purpose. Well, not completely. Just wasn't around for a few hours, and it takes a little time to get the links and write an entry.

So now that tongues are wagging...

First of all, yes, we can rule out Phil Roberto. Blame Mr. Perry for the original confusion, which he tried to clear up weeks ago. (Though considering the Cottonmouths want out of the ECHL and plan to run a scaled back operation, maybe their GM is in play as well, who knows?)

Anyway. Six coaches have been to the CHL or WPHL finals in the last three years: Doug Shedden, Brent Hughes, Doug Sauter, Scott Muscutt, Bill McDonald and yes, Bruce Garber. Garber's actually been there at the end three times in five seasons, including the '97-'98 Miron Cup (or so revisionist history says) win.

Given Unger implied he was only offered an average-paying, one-year contract, the Oilers have wildly exceeded expectations (if, y'know, this is indeed their guy). Garber may be the best available coach out there, a proven bench boss who held the same job with the same team for six-plus seasons and already knows what the CHL is all about.

He's coached both 65-goal scorers and unrepentant goons, while his ECHL experience can only be a bonus. You certainly can't hold his record there against him (though it probably didn't hurt the Oilers at the negotiation table).

Anyway, what's not to like about a guy who promised to put on women's clothing if the Cottonmouths didn't draw more than 5000 fans one night? It didn't happen, but we can certainly hope the Oilers try a similar promotion.

Except maybe Dallas should wear the dress.
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