Thursday, June 05, 2003

So now the question is, is the league brass simply cooling off from a long week of meetings (was there an open bar at the awards banquet?) or are there still key decisions being made?

In any case, as most of you already know by now the Coloradoan also has the Eagles in the Northwest with New Mexico and Amarillo swapping, plus the scenario with the Bees in the Southeast and the Saints in the Southwest.

But calling Jorin Welsh Mr. Irrelevant is just plain wrong. A 10-player expansion draft is not the same thing as a 200-player amateur draft. Arguably, the most talented player of the 64 was taken 9th.

It's amusing to me that some C-Kings fans were down on James Sheehan when the hockey people clearly saw him as the best guy in the draft.

Also, regarding other parts of that thread, it's somewhat paradoxical to bitch about last year's squad and look forward to changes that might get you in the playoffs while simultaneously hoping 10 players come back. Between the required rookies, the need to upgrade and the likelihood that Tomlinson will bring in a few faves, I'd keep that wish list at eight.

Oh and one more thing: Kirk needs a new nickname. We can have countless "Soupys" and a ref and a coach who are both "Hughesy" but everybody knows there's only one Gunner (who, believe it or not, has a real first name).

What we do know for sure is the Lubbock fans won't have Barry McKinlay to kick around anymore, and they aren't crying about it. Only question is, did he sign before the expansion draft, or right after he wasn't taken? There was some talk Macker might get him to New Mexico, but there's certainly no reason to do that if Kupaks is returning.

Pretty funny to see NHL writers bitching about the 2-2-1-1-1 format. Tell it to Brent Hughes. Or the Devils for that matter -- think they would have wanted to play Game 5 in Anaheim last night?

More from Lee Scheide and the Express-News on Steve Ludzik.

Reading about the Texas Tornado's marketing muscle gives you a strong sense of "what might have been" for the Bats and Cedar Park. Meanwhile, the NAHL has arrived in Texarkana (thanks to Smilin' Shark for that one).

And finally, congratulations to Glen "Sharky" Norman on being named the CHL's Broadcaster of the Year. Franchise of the Year -- anyone surprised? -- went to Laredo, while you'll notice that release says The CHL will announce conference and divisional alignments within the coming days.... Cue suspenseful music, or at least the "Jeopardy" theme.

Here's the full list of CHL Awards, courtesy the Memphis RiverKings web site.

CHL Coach of the Year Award - Ken McRae, Indianapolis
Rick Kozuback Award - James T. Cook, San Angelo
CHL Soul of Service Award - Harold Fuller, Odessa
Merchandise Executive of the Year - Pam Jordan, Laredo
Corporate Partnership Sales Executive of the Year - Jay Lakin, Oklahoma City
Game Operations Franchise of the Year - Memphis
Marketing Franchise of the Year - Indianapolis
Broadcaster of the Year Award - Glen Norman, Austin
Public Relations Executive of the Year Award - Josh Evans, Oklahoma City
Group Ticket Sales Franchise of the Year - Indianapolis
Ticket Sales Franchise of the Year - Oklahoma City
Ticketing Director of the Year - Rodrick Evans, Lubbock
Most Improved Franchise of the Year - Amarillo Gorillas
Executive of the Year - Corey MacIntyre, Tulsa
Franchise of the Year - Laredo Bucks
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