Sunday, June 22, 2003

Ok, time to cast that first vote in the CHL Island Poll. Last I looked Luch was pulling away from referee Dan Boyd.

As the Rayz pursue an affiliation with either Calgary or Minnesota, I'm reminded that two years ago, the Bats claimed their arrangement with Houston was ending in part because the Wild didn't want to send their players to the CHL (mostly for insurance reasons).

Now granted, Austin earned two finals appearances in two years with no formal affiliation, and a lot less than that in four years with one. But it would still be embarassing if a division rival hooked up with the Aeros -- unless the Bats have something else a-brewing.

Meanwhile, that Dallas Stars logo remains on Austin's web site.

And speaking of affiliations, we have been, on the Odessa board, where there is also a discussion of Mike Gorman.

Turns out hockey is not the only sport taking a beating on TV. NASCAR draws 127% more viewers than the NBA regular season. Stay tuned for those Arena Bowl numbers!
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