Thursday, June 19, 2003


Now that the St. John's paper has further clarified the Baby Leafs/Doug Shedden saga, I have a new appreciation for that Memphis statement.

Basically, it says whatever the reader wants it to say. After yesterday's blog I got an e-mail from one fan saying "Poor Doug... guess he'll have to press on" and another saying, "guess he's leaving, huh?"

It was the same on the boards, where many took Shedden's "Riverkings reaffirmation" at face value. Some ridiculously so, like the genius who said "Doug is here for three more years, yippee!".

Then there was the post with the misleading header which had good information, but hadn't quite caught up to yesterday's developments.

Really, it all makes sense. The Leafs have other stuff on their plate, including the draft, and possibly a new GM.

Is Shedden frustrated? I'm sure he is a little, and I'm sure the Memphis front office is a lot. But I doubt the core RiverKings players are going anywhere, and the other CHL teams aren't wildly ahead with their (announced) recruiting.

Bottom line, if a wealthy, prestigious and historic NHL franchise needs to take more time with this decision, who are we to quibble?

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