Saturday, June 14, 2003


Mark it down: our noble leader suspects the Eagles will be the class of the Northwest.

It's a bit early in the handicapping season, but can you imagine the playoffs with no defending champion and no Blazers? It's not out of the question, just as Austin can't take anything for granted. Ditto Amarillo, though I'm sure they prefer their new conference.

Here's some convoluted irony: NHL star Brett Hull, who played juniors under WPHL founder Rick Kozuback, ends up buying into an NAHL team in a failed CHL city.

But I'd say Canadian kids coming to play that level of junior hockey is more like a Texas schoolboy going to Penn State to play basketball.

And here we have an interesting story on the Rio Grande Valley economy (thereby preempting potential wisecracks about the unemployment rate).

I didn't realize quite how unlikely the ascension of Johan Holmqvist was. Now I really feel for Derek Gustafson.

Ok, so the Patrick Roy mug shot auction is off, but collectors can still hold out hope for Dominik Hasek.

Finally, say goodbye to

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