Monday, June 16, 2003


Looks like Colorado won't enjoy the services of top expansion pick James Sheehan.

Not sure why they took him, given their next choice wasn't 'til #4. Even if the idea was to deal with RGV, what were the Bees supposed to offer in exchange? The second pick plus futures?

Anyway, if the Eagles weren't interested in Nasato or McKellar it's a moot point. So I guess you could say the Cotton Kings came out on top of this one, assuming they re-sign Mike Dawson.

Thanks to John Snyder for that link, which also points out that Brad Wingfield is headed for Mission St. Jean of the QSPHL. Just a guess -- we'll see him in December. Mission also has Rob Frid, Paul Vincent and Roger Maxwell in the fold.

And good luck to former Ice Bats goalie Christian Soucy. I remember sitting with the former Blackhawks draft pick at Austin's Showplace Lanes sports bar during the '98 Olympics. A Houston Aeros prospect at the time, he said he'd probably retire if he didn't get back to the "I." Five seasons later...

In other Colorado news, longtime AHLer (and former NHLer) Brent Thompson is an instructor at the Eagles' camp. Hmmmh. The AHL has its own vet rule, and Thompson's coach the last four years has bolted for the OHL. Time to make a move?

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