Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The latest on Doug Shedden? Apparently, your guess is as good as his.

“It is nice to be recognized and have discussions with teams at higher levels,” Shedden said. “It’s great being interviewed, especially by the Toronto Maple Leafs organization, which has meant a great deal to me. I have not been offered anything and currently the only contract that I have is with the Memphis RiverKings for the next three years. I currently plan on fulfilling that contract and am now working to build our team for next season.”

Now, I don't think he would have made those comments if he had a press conference to attend in Newfoundland in the immediate future. But the situation still seems unresolved, no different from what was described three weeks ago.

With the NHL draft this weekend and Toronto's ownership change, it's possible the Leafs are dragging ass on this decision, in which case the Kings simply put the message out as a sop to season ticketholders and potential players.

So I e-mailed Memphis PR man Joe Dominey, wondering, "Is Doug's statement definitive, as in, 'I didn't get the St. John's job,' or is that just a reminder that he remains committed to Memphis unless Toronto makes an offer?

Dominey's response? "Exactly."
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