Sunday, June 08, 2003

Hey, I said it all along -- kudos to Bob Hersom for getting the story on how Joe Burton almost got taken in the expansion draft. The Blazers even left Rousseau and Mamane out there so as to preserve their rights to the franchise icon.

Of course, in the end, the only person who has any control over whether Joe Burton plays again is Joe Burton. He could sign with a UHL club close to home tomorrow, if he was so inclined.

Hersom also did a piece on the WHA's plan (or lack thereof) for Oklahoma City, which includes what I believe is the first suggestion (by Peter Young himself) that the aspiring circuit aspires to be in Europe.

Sure, it raises all kinds of financial and logistical concerns, but since the NHL has been considering the same thing (if only in theory), it's smart to throw it out there. I know some people in London who would love to see it.
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