Friday, June 27, 2003


Have you heard the Bats are being purchased by the Dallas Stars? I'm getting e-mails from some folks who have.

Well, it isn't true.

But someone's in talks with current owner John McVaney, representing a group that includes local businessmen, as well as out-of-town investors with past NHL connections.

Just a reminder -- all this speculation about who might get the Memphis job, whether it's coming from me or the Commercial Appeal, is just that: speculation.

Steve Martinson? So long as they don't knock down the San Diego arena I would think he's rather looking forward to adding a Kelly Cup to all those Taylor triumphs.

Paul Gillis? Maybe, but it's a matter of recent public record that he's under contract. (The real fun in that link is where Richmond owner Eric Margeneau promises to put 50 bucks on the table for anyone who drops the gloves.)

Anyway, I'm starting to hear some other names, experienced guys who may be very good, but don't live up to the "as impressive as Doug Shedden" test.

For example, Derek Clancey, who I know nothing about. And Gord Dineen, who certainly has NHL credentials, and is regarded much more highly than his career ECHL coaching record might suggest.

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Don't miss Hans Hornstein's updated Death Pool Report, or Doug Frank checking in re: the Rayz affiliation, or this sublimely vicious rant against the return of Asheville hockey, which, as Steve Newlin already noted, is full of bitter-tasting truth.

And so what if the Lone Star Cavalry play hockey? Someone at the Star-Telegram web site figures you can't have a cavalry without a horse (look closely at the URL).

If I were Bobby Clarke -- and thank God I'm not, no matter how I felt in 1975 -- I'd take a chance on Cujo, even if Al Morganti disagrees.

Then again, the thought of Joseph going to New York and sitting out the playoffs is also kinda fun, especially since Darrin MacKay's pal at Notre Dame turned down a free copy of my book (I can't remember if his exact words were "I don't read" or "I don't read hockey books").

Hmmmh... while I don't see Dan Price leaving Austin, it's a little scary that he could go to Port Huron, play 10 minutes from his parents and not count as a vet. The UHL has set its limit at 280.

You'll also note that Margeneau is the Executive Committee Vice-Chairman -- maybe he can work that pay-per-fight thing into the salary cap by-laws.

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