Sunday, June 22, 2003

Bit of a shocker in the United Kingdom, where the Belfast Giants have been like the Laredo of the Superleague.

Now they're like El Paso. Fingers crossed for the devoted hockey fans of Northern Ireland.

This news actually has a slight bearing on the CHL, as bruiser Paxton Schulte says if things don't work out with the Giants or Belfast's British National League team, he may play for Amarillo.

See, Schulte is a former teammate of someone named Joe Ferraccioli. Think the hecklers in San Angelo can learn how to pronounce that?

If you haven't already, have a thought for Roger Neilson, while reading tributes by Al Strachan, Bruce Garrioch, Allen Panzeri and Chris Stevenson (with sidebar).

Here's one more Shedden note. Presumably we'll hear from the St. John's and Memphis rags tomorrow.
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