Saturday, June 07, 2003

All right, I've resisted all postseason: Quack!.

What a night for Paul Kariya -- just when the $10 million man's lack of offense had become an issue. And then to get up from that hit and light it, especially considering his history -- wow. When Bill Walton uses the word "tough" to describe someone like Kenyon Martin tomorrow, I'll be thinking of the little Duck.

Go figure, the Daily News beat Larry Brooks and the Post to a big-time rumor: Jagr for Lindros. Guess that means Jagr for LeClair is out of the question?

And shoot, those are just little rumors next to Scotty Bowman to the Rangers. Now there's a guy you pay $10 million for.

I didn't really realize it until I dug up the Cherry thing (mostly because I'm on the road a lot, without high speed), but you really can't beat going to the CBC and TSN web sites for clips. Right now you'll find talk of both the Lindros-Jagr and Bowman/Rangers rumors here, while the final HNIC "Satellite Hot Stove," no doubt featuring the same topics, is here (that one is a direct link to open Real Player).
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