Monday, May 05, 2003

Though it pains me to admit it, I feel better about the Stars than I do the Flyers. Maybe saying that will help the cause. But Dallas made the finals two years in a row by winning Game 6 on the road against Patrick Roy, then taking 7 easily at home. So why not do the same against Giguere to make the semis?

I didn't get to see much of Game 5 for obvious reasons, but I was pleased to see the depth forwards step it up. Niko Kapanen has been just great to watch and I thought DiMaio was one of the Stars' best forwards in Game 1.

And yeah, damn you Claude Lemieux, I was thinking about the 2000 Devils-Flyers series too (but to comment on something else in that article, I don't think "Grumpy Old Men" was used to describe anything other than the trio of Muller, Keane and John MacLean in 2001).

Funny to see Philly-based Al Morganti refer to Gainey and Hitchcock's exit as a murder/suicide. I don't recall seeing that in print before, but that's exactly how Hitch (quoting Gainey) described it at the 2002 CHL All-Star Game.

Meanwhile, the Canadian media is already tweaking the Stars' payroll by sending away Matvichuk, and perhaps Sydor. Certainly, they're gonna have to dig deep to re-sign Hatcher, and if they don't get out of this round it will cost the club who knows how many millions.

But hey, at least they're gonna get an All-Star Game.

Here's one vote for starting Robert Esche. And one against. And my favorite suggestion, from Eric Duhatschek of the Globe and Mail: "The solution, for the Flyers, is obvious: Play Cechmanek in the sixth game, get their obligatory win, and then switch to Esche for the decisive seventh game in Ottawa."

Sometimes I don't know where Steve Newlin finds this stuff, but I'm sure fans in San Angelo will have a little chuckle at the fact that Skeeter Moore's new job involves raising $700,000 for UM-Duluth sports. Can't he just call Brett Hull and spend the next two years fishing? Meanwhile it's definitely interesting that Ray Edwards did indeed choose the Saints over Lubbock. Higher salary or better situation?

Gotta love Kahlil Thomas. Great story, and a well-deserved award... Also, it's pretty amazing that the Kings have three serviceable d-men who'd still qualify as rookies.

Finally, I'd like to welcome Tim Harvey back to the blogging world. His Rinkblog is highly recommended, great commentary and a more complete survey of hockey at all levels than I provide. Among other things, he called my attention to this piece on Mike Minard (remember him? He's come a long way from Memphis training camp, though not always smoothly).
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