Saturday, May 03, 2003


Re: the New Jersey Devils, I just hope rested=untested (assuming the Flyers get past Ottawa of course. If they don't, go Devs!).

That was about as as boring a multiple-OT game as you'll ever see, except for the third (actually, I thought Stars-Ducks Game 1 was the same way, the real action didn't come until the third and fourth OTs. Lame crowd at the Meadowlands too, looked like way too many of 'em were on the Turnpike after one extra frame).

Great game by John Grahame though (see, those of us who wondered if the Bats would switch to Peter Brady weren't completely nuts, sometimes that kind of move gets made). Actually, watching Tortorella tonight I thought Brent Hughes had dyed his hair and turned Italian. What a contrast from Dave Tippett. It was a penalty," he said after Game 4. "It was called. You just can't put yourself in that position."

It was also cool to see Jamie Langenbrunner and Grant Marshall grinning at the win: two old Dallas teammates only recently reunited. Funny about Jamie, on a team that's starved for offense he's been able to step up and provide it. There just wasn't room for him in Dallas anymore, though I bet they'd trade him even-up for Turgeon at the moment.

I'm not counting the Stars out, but to come back from 3-1 requires a certain amount of complacency from the other team (or, in the case of St. Louis, the flu). Anaheim just doesn't seem likely to let up. I am unamused that the Stars and Flyers are playing at the same time today, though because I am currently in British Columbia, at least I can click between them, none of that split-regional broadcasting up here. It's amazing to me that ABC gets to schedule both of today's games, and Hockey Night in Canada just has to play along (in other words, no hockey at night in Canada today).

Now I just gotta scare up a Canucks ticket for Monday. Don't like that Brent Sopel though. A poor man's Mike Ricci with the hair, and he doesn't dig South Park (which presumably means most of his teammates do).

I think the media got a little carried away with the whole no sex for the Flyers thing. I mean, let me get this straight, moving a bunch of hockey players to a hotel for a road trip-like environment means they'll get less action? By the way, Inky columnist Phil Sheridan's new nickname for Cechmanek (the bipolar goaler) is just genius.

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