Sunday, May 25, 2003


My head is spinning re: Taylor Hall's new WHA2 team in Birmingham, Alabama. ACHL boss Bill Coffey must be laughing his ass off, considering the WHA2 has repeatedly questioned his credibility.

This week the Colorado Eagles will unveil their mascot, Slapshot. Does this mean there's gonna be an affiliation with the Washington Capitals, or just a lawsuit? I mean, it's one thing to have a completely derivative name (the Reading Royals also use it, also picked by children), but having both the same name and (presumably) the same animal may be a bit too close for comfort.

How great is it that Pat Burns deliberately arranged for a minor league-caliber bus to take the Devils to Kanata?... And big props to Al Strachan for saying Ducks in five, though I suspect he only wrote that column as a direct counterpoint to "Eastern" cohort Mike Ulmer. Anyway, that's fine if everyone believes the Devils are a heavy favorite, most people felt the same about the West the last time Jersey won.

So have you checked out the charity auction for "Slap Shot" actress Louise Arters? Lots of CHL goodies to choose from, including a bounty of Bats and Matt Barnes collectibles donated by our own dunlopyoustink.

Here's a complete list:

An Odessa Jackalopes t-shirt.

An Ice Bats signed team photo.

A signed photo of Garry Unger from his St. Louis playing days.

A Matt Barnes game-worn jersey picture card.

A Matt Barnes signed "3".

A Showdown at the State Capitol picture card, featuring Barnes and Mike Gorman.

Ice Bats autographed photo puck stickers.

A Laredo Bucks jersey.

A Matt Barnes bobblehead.

More Barnes stuff.

A Lake Charles Ice Pirates shirt.

A Wichita Thunder jersey.

A San Angelo Saints autographed jersey.

A Memphis RiverKings autographed jersey .

You can also get a signed copy of my book, or my personal favorite, a signed picture of Jerry Houser (aka Dave "Killer" Carlson) as a Brady Bride.

Bidding ends May 27.

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