Wednesday, May 21, 2003


I realize there are PR implications that maybe can't be overcome in old-fashioned West Texas, but it seems to me the Lubbock Cotton Kings and Trent Eigner are a perfect match. The team gets a cheap, proven winner, and a good coach gets a second chance.

I don't even like the NBA (I prefer my hoops played by so-called amateurs, if at all) but their playoffs are kicking the NHL's butt so bad it isn't even funny. As much as I love Hossa, Stevens, Brodeur and Havlat, do they really provide a good bang for 80 bucks (the cheapest seat at the Meadowlands for Game 6) compared to spending $40 or 55 at the SBC for Duncan, Nash, Parker and Nowitkzi? Oh well, at least the Pistons and Nets are more like a couple of superstar-free trap teams (Jason Kidd=Paul Kariya).

Go Sens. Do it for Roger. But you know the Devils know this is the one they have to have.

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