Saturday, May 03, 2003


Cool, Don Cherry just gave Doug Shedden a big shout-out on HNIC (never mind that Ron McLean said the Kings' won the "Western Hockey League President's Cup").

I think the Flyers can regroup for Game 6, but it may not matter. Playoff contenders don't give up three unanswered goals (Game 1 and now five in Game 5) or get completely trounced in specials teams play. Only Game 3 was an acceptable loss and even there they blew leads and lost the PP/PK battle.

I don't see Esche starting Monday, but I've really grown to dislike the way Cechmanek reacts to goals-against. If he's allowed to rake the puck out of the net in disgust when his teammates fail to clear out a screen or get to a loose puck, does that mean they get to when he gives up a softie?

Whether it's the goalie or the team the Flyers' whole playoffs have been about bounce-back, but the math doesn't work in their favor this time. They have to play two great games in a row, and that will be a lot harder to do against the NHL's top regular season team, with the last one on the road, than it was against the creaky Leafs, with the last one in Philly.

And I still don't see them beating New Jersey, but that's another story.

Oh no, a Sunday without hockey! I knew there was a reason I wanted Tampa Bay to win Game 5. Forget what I said about going to see the Canucks in person Monday -- I can't miss the Flyers/Stars TV doubleheader.

Y'know, I usually buy the Ice Bats' warm-up or third jersey every year, and would be proud to own Pat Brownlee's (one of two still available last time I checked). But this year, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Too hideous.

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