Friday, May 16, 2003


By the way, Colorado has the first pick in the expansion draft, which means either they go first and Rio Grande goes second and third, or vice-versa.

But boy, I would at least consider drafting Luch Nasato if I were starting up a new franchise in a non-traditional hockey market. His mom seems to imply that Luch did not know he was going to be left unprotected and his days in Memphis are indeed over. Let's face it, when he's on their team, most fans love his antics, and as Chris Perry points out, he could dye his hair in yellow and black stripes. Imagine seeing him eight to ten times each against the Bats, Corpus Christi and Laredo -- who's not buying tickets to that?

Plus, let's not forget, the guy can play. He and Landmesser anchored an otherwise youthful Memphis defensive corps throughout the playoffs, and his numbers speak for themself.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean he's good enough to play in the AHL (though I don't buy that he would have to actually fight at a higher level, tell that to Ken Linseman). It's often said that the difference between an AHL player and a "AA" player is not their skill and make-up, but who you know, how you were scouted/drafted and where you fit in with an organization. If Shedden does indeed get a job at the next level it will be an interesting test case to see if he really can fit in some of "his guys," and more importantly, if they can stick.

When Bill McDonald left Fort Worth for the K-Wings job, he took a couple of players to Michigan. Mel Angelstad had already proved himself in the IHL the year before, but Chris Albert probably has Macker to thank for putting him in the mix.

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